Customers, people and environment.

Our misión.

"We make space solutions."

This determines our values, as we are aware of the need of adapting our efforts to the changes that these spaces may experience over time.We realize that to generate a long-term value we need to focus on three main areas:

The Client:  Our costumer is who defines the his/her space and his/her problem. We will answer to the client´s spaces needs
innovating with original design and materials. This is done always with the latest technology. Providing any content or service that helps our customers to solve any aspect of their spaces. We  pretend to offer the best value for money in the market for any space solution.

who make possible to solve the client´s space problem and its environment. We support on a constant research, development and growth through people for people in an ethical manner.

The environment. If we do not care about the environment, we wont be sustainable, and if we are not socially active, we will not last.  All our items are made with natural products derived from tree-based high-density particleboard and a layer of fused cells; melamine, a material capable of reflecting the beauty feature of the wood, being at the same time more greener material. Another example is the use of water-based paint that is biodegradable, instead of synthetic face or solvents that harm the environment, thanks to this we have been awarded with the life label from the EU, we also have the The EU Eco-label award for our products. Finally we  started the "aspiration", dust extraction through ecological filters which do not leave waste in th waste on the environment.

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