Monday, June 29, 2015

Wardrobe organisation

Streamline your wardrobe and declutter your life with smart storage solutions, a bit of practical planning, and possibly a few donations to your nearest Salvation Army clothing bin.

Are you afraid to open your wardrobe, for fear a mountain of clothes might tumble down on your head? Are your shoes neatly ordered, or simply thrown in a pile? It’s all too easy to jam the doors shut and think, ‘Out of sight, out of mind‘, but it only takes a few clever storage solutions to turn your space into a well-ordered and accessible area. On the opposite page, we’ve added a hanging canvas bag from Howards Storage World to our Freedom Riva wardrobe, to create space to store jumpers, hats and T-shirts, while stylish storage and shoe boxes keep the space uncluttered.

If space is at a premium, the ingenious new Elfa system from The Storage Company could come in handy. With fittings in a mixture of metal and birch wood, the ‘wardrobe’ bolts to the wall and features a hanging rail, shoe rack, dresser shelf and storage baskets. Ideal for a spare bedroom or in an awkward corner, it could also be utilised as a space to store bed linen and towels, or pretty much anything you like.
source: homelife

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Regalamos dos entradas para MotoGP Montmelo Gran Premi de Catalunya

¿Tu de quién eres?; Márquez, Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Valentino...

Es este fin de de semana

En el equipo Ros regalamos dos entradas para el próximo MotoGP Montmelo Gran Premi de Catalunya que se realizará este finde.  Damos dos localidades situadas en tribuna. Durante los tres días del Gran Premio es posible recorrer todas las zonas de público, caminando a pie por los caminos asfaltados que transcurren por el interior del Circuit y que unen las diferentes áreas.

Tienes tiempo de presentarte hasta el  jueves a la 1 de la tarde.

¿Que has de hacer?: Simplemente visita nuestro ultimo catálogo juvenil “Kids Touch”, elige una de las habitaciones (Kids Touch), y copia el enlace en nuestro muro de la red social de Ros and Roll. El jueves a partir de las 13:30 realizaremos un sorteo entre los participantes, daremos a conocer los ganadores  a las 14:00 en el muro de la red social de Ros and Roll . Ese mismo día enviaremos las entradas vía mensajería urgente a los ganadores.

Suerte a todos

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The transition from crib to bed

We have recommended to made the change when the child is about 2 years old.

The crib so far been the reference furniture in the room, now it is the bed.
The child is much more independent and now begins a new stage, and can go to sleep in a bed.
If you purchased a convertible crib, you'll have to change it to bed. There are many kinds of convertible cribs, but usually it becomes a bed of 190x90 cm or 180x80 cm.

Our child´s leisure and recreational space has also changed, now we need more space, a table to paint would be nice to  introducing him/her to read or study habits that will come later.
We can also change other items, even colors.
The lighting in the first few months has been more subdued and soft, now we can change the intensity.
It is very likely that the creative impulses of the child require coating the wall with a base of washable paint, fingerprint-proof and scribbles.

Important add furniture and shelves for storage toys, books etc ..

We must bear in mind that the height is appropriate to the age of the child and his/her safety, as they are now very curious.