Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Afilii - buen diseño para la Kind Und Jugend

Punch’n’Cuddle. Photo by Afilii

One initiative that was really worth it to see on the Kind und Jugend Fair 2013 was Afilii -

A platform who select products, games, home accessories and furniture for children among 40 young designers from 15 countries.

They showed almost 50 products, with a great design ​​and functionality.

You can see more on their website web

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kind und Jugend 2013. THANKS GUYS!!

Kind und Jugend Fair 2013, Cologne, Germany.

It was a great success for us.

We have to thank the whole Ros team, from people from the factory, offices, drivers, fitters and our commercial team, who spent the four days at the fair.

To all, thanks for your effort and dedication.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kind und Jugend 2013. Ros, a wide collection of cots

Ros Furniture offers a wide collection of cots; originals and practical, with a design that makes them different and unique. 

In Cologne, Ros furniture also presents its successful line Chameleon; surprised its originality and design that goes along with its functionality. Ideal for moms looking for style and simplicity in one furniture

Cot Chamaleon

The flat cot is presented in the fair too. it  combines well in any space. Functional for its size, and elegant in its smooth finish.

Flat Cot

Kind Und Jugend 2013. We interview more visitors of the Ros stand in Cologne

I have the plesuare of interview Mr Rainer, from e-coom.

Kind und Jugend 2013. Air Cot

Ros furniture presents in Kind and Jugend its line Air: A futuristic and spectacular design, which arrives in the world of children's furniture. The cot seems suspended in the air, reflecting a relaxed and balanced atmosphera.

An asymmetric structure rests on a curved line, reflecting the simplicity and originality.

We present our model Stelle at Kind und Jugend

All the people in the world share the same stars. This might be the reason why our Stelle  is arousing such a great interest among the visitors coming from so many different countries.

Our collection has no limits, no boundaries apply and, just like the stars in the sky, they spand almost to infinity.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Kind Jugend 2013. Farfalle is chic!

This Farfalle has been an authentic challenge for our technical department. Getting a double embroidery for each  butterfly, with two overlapping wings, full of movement and life, has been an overwhelming project.

The visitors at Kind und Jugend welcome this innovation with enthusiasm, and our Farfalle let words fly all around.

This model is available in two different colours: beige, for a soft and relaxing atmosphere, and purple, if you are seeking an elegant and colourful touch. 

Kind Und Jugen 2013. What do visitors think about Ros stand in Cologne?

 We had the pleasure to interview, Mr Conrad Muscat, from Muscat´s Universal LTD in our stand at the Kind Und Jugen 2013.

Kind und Jugend 2013. Ros presents The Slider sofa convertible crib

Without doubt one of convertible cots of the year. Perhaps, for its excellent conversion into a sofa bed and a desk. Or for its large storage capacity. Whatever it is. Clients do not stop to ask for this excellent convertible cot.
Slider sofa convertible crib

Kind Und Jugend 2013. Interview Meritxel Marimon. Ros Textil Manager

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kind und Jugend 2013 opens the Exhibition doors, Ros Textiles opens the Exhibition heart.

Thousands of visitors came into Ros stand today and have been seduced by the softness, tenderness and quality of our model Cuore. One more year, Ros Textiles presents the new collections at Pavilion 10.1, stand G-20 at Kind und Jugend in Köln, Germany. We would like to share with you just a bit of this great moment.

Kind und Jugend 2013 Our dear Giraffa, more beloved than ever.

Our Giraffa model is a classic in Ros Textiles collection. This year, Giraffa starts a new course with a great renewal of her image. Without loosing a hint of personality, Giraffa arrived at Kind und Jugend more fresh, soft and bright than ever. The finishing of the embroideries, using the most updated technics in the market, the quality of the textiles and the combination of colours in winding lines, grant to this renewed collection a very special touch.

Kind und Jugend 2013. Sleeping arrangements for twin babies.

Between diapers, baby bottles, laundry and cleaning, you feel somewhat outdated with your twin babies? So you don’t want to add the problem of sleeping arrangements. Be doubly prepared compared to the arrival of only one baby so everything will be fine at your return from the maternity hospital. 
Convertible Crib: first position

Convertible Crib: second position

To solve the problem of space that could cause the purchase of 2 beds for the twins, ROS puts up for sale after years of investment in research and development a patented product, UNIQUE in the market: The Convertible Crib for Twins.

This bed is approved with its special dimensions and enables to have in only one block the two cribs in order to save space for the room. Its removable barrier which slides up completely without having to dismantle the bed creates a sofa position useful as a transition for the twins.
Convertible Crib: second position

The bed in junior position.
 Indeed, this block enables to have two beds 90 * 190 without having to buy a bed base or any other accessories except the mattress.  Revolutionary bed, it will bring happiness for all the parents that are expecting twins, and which are eager to turn space to good account. Click the following link: convertible twins.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Live connections from Ros stand

We will do live connections and interviews from Ros stand at the Kind und Jugen of Cologne, Germany.

You can follow this content from our canal livestream or pressing play on the player below at the times indicated.

Thursday 12:00 pm Thursday 4:00 pm Friday 4:00 pm

Watch live streaming video from mueblesros at

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mounting Ros stand at the Kind + Jugend 2013 Cologne fair

Good morning from Cologne. We are Mounting Ros stand at the Kind + Jugend Cologne fair.

Boxes, furnitures to be assembled, walls to decorate, everything has to be ready on Thursday afternoon. Nerves and illusion are served. I attached some pictures of the assembly.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What is the personality of your wardrobe?

In our new Wardrobe catalogue "Spazio +", you can customize your wardrobe, with ou doors finishing "PANELS". We leave the door on three parts.

In this way, thanks to our varied range of finishes, we can achieve the same wardrobe with different styles: Funny, elegant, sober, etc.. You can see more in Spazio +