Monday, April 8, 2013

The room should be an expression of the tennager's identity, not the parents

Tennager´s room: the design can be easily modified in two or five years? Is there a place to store, studying?

Make sure you are incorporating your child's tastes when you are decorating his/her space. Decorating a child's room is a work in progress that begins before they are born and will pass through his/her childhood.

The bright colors and playful may work well in a tennager´s room. Always give a finish to the walls with a paint semiwatered , so they can be washed easily without being too bright. As for storage, use personalized  wardrobes to find many solutions.
personalized  wardrobes
As children grow, learn, play and explore, their environment should respond to their identity. Kids will enjoy these exciting reconstructions that demonstrate their favorite interests at every stage. As your child grow fence, ask for further advice.

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